day 31 of 31 days.

good bye, Appreciation August.

you were such a lovely month ♥

Mimi came today & we laughed & talked & went to the store for Bub and Pea's school supplies. 2 sets of rulers, crayons, #2pencil-sets, erasers, tissue boxes, paper, tablets, markers, etc. and $60.00 later, we come home & pack back packs. tomorrow i'll do their last-minute laundry & then Wed, they start their school year.

later on, when Andy got home, we ate dinner out as a family. meatball pizza. eggplant parmesiana. italian sodas. red-checkered table cloths. a candle in a chianti bottle, wax dripping all over it. family chatter. laughter, sharing, harmony. i have such love & appreciation for every bit of it :)

we no longer have a vehicle that holds all of us, so we took my little car & Andy and Muffy rode on the motorcycle. we tried to race them home. it didn't happen. LOL. it was fun playing that maybe we could tho. Bub & Pea were wild little indians in the way home in the backseat the way they always are any time we feed them. little nuts. i loved every minute of it.

now, after another wonderful day & an awesome month focusing on all the great things in my life, i sit here in bed, cute little white notebook in my lap while my hun watches Planet Earth on Discovery next to me, pup & bubbies in their beds, big girls having sister-chat downstairs, and i think to myself ... what a wonderful world ♥

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