ciao, summer.

There are no good-byes,
where ever you'll be,
you'll be in my heart.
~Mahatma Gandhi

the bubbies headed back to school today. they looked so adorable this morning, all dressed & ready & eating their Lucky Charms, sleep in their eyes. shy in the car as i dropped them off, and my son~always the loving one~kisses me goodbye as i tell them to have a fantabulous first day. driving away, my heart lurched a little, thinking of the quote above...

then later, all excited when they arrived home again, all disheveled, laces undone, hair flying everywhere, talking a mile a minute about their days. the dog jumping all over them & me getting a snack & putting their backpacks away...

the return of chaos sounds so good after a day of silence.

and these are the moments i treasure about being a mom ♥

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