freedom is just another word
for nothing left to lose.

this is a the carving that my hub is doing right now. isn't it beautiful? i call it 'twin flames'. he's so talented. i love what he can do with his hands.


i am feeling so free lately. and i know its because i am becoming more one with who i really am. and not caring what anyone else thinks about that is basically having nothing left to lose, and the union between my heart and who i am--turning off the left talky part of my brain, is making me feel true freedom.

i want to put my true vibration out there for this new blog. i want everyone who reads it to feel it. because i believe that words are merely to keep the mind happy, and true communication is unspoken. i feel that we are all moving toward breaking the illusion of this life. of everything we have always been taught to believe and know. but really, it's all simply a reflection of what's inside.

break out of the box. look around you, and feel your inner power. there are other possiblities. there's more than the five senses. it's really very exciting when you let yourself understand it and feel it. take my hand and let's take the leap together.

love ♥



work on your relationship to yourself and the rest will fall into place.
'when you fall in love with yourself, being alone will be ecstasy'.
when you love yourself you exude love,
and you then attract that which you are.
-divine harmony

synchronicities galore. everything is linking up lately. in the mornings, i lay for a while, in the space between sleep and awake, and things flow in so easily in that space. i used to meditate then, but now, everything just flows in easily. i had a conversation with Mimi there this morning, and just a few minutes ago, we actually lived the same conversation. i also knew things that came in an email this morning before i even read it. the more i open up and become the whole me, the more i know things and feel things. and i believe that connecting to ourselves and love, the better it gets.


the line.

Your life has very little to do with what occupies
most people's "day-to-day" experience.
The purpose of your life is to express and experiencewho you are.
That is, to know yourself as an aspectof the Divine.
There are a thousand ways to do that every day.
Look for the most exciting way for you to do it today.
What do you think it might be?
-Neal Donald Walsh

so here's my thing. lately, i have been thinking about how i seem to be surrounded by people who would not get who i am becoming, who i know i am, what i am learning - or really, what i am re-learning because i have always known these things i am feeling now, but have been taught to not feel them or be them because they do not follow society's rules.

so now, here i am. i am straddling this line, i have come to a place where i need to choose. inside and out, with everyone i see ... do i fully become the me i am meant to be?


new life.

at the end,
what really matters
is whom you love
and who loved you.
-bernadine healy

today, i will start my new blog.
i will breathe life into it and make it a home.


i heart new mexico.

i really, really do.
this is the 'rent's house from their back portal *sigh*
check out the amazing New Mexican skies...

we went for my leetle seestor's bridal shower.
there's the little cutiepatootie in her sassy boots and wrap dress.
my sweet 2nd cousin Judee hosted it at her beyond gorgeous casa.

and here is Judee, me, my auntie Peggy, sis, mom & sis-in-law Christy

more NM sky *swoon*

here, folks, is The Best Place To Eat Anywhere Anytime No Matter What, Period.
just sayin.

i'm a little embarassed by the amount of photos i took of the food.
and the margaritas.
and the sopapillas. honestly, if you've never had a new mexican sopapilla, i feel sad for you.
you truly have not yet lived.

this place is the only place on earth where you can be guaranteed to get green chili on anything.
i call this heaven.

the sunsets are pretty awe-inspiring as well.


love your life.

my son's bowl of spaghetti-o's

::Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

::The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.

::Alleged impossibilities are opportunities for our capacities to be stretched.

::We cannot change our past.
We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way.
We can not change the inevitable.
The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have,
and that is our attitude.

::We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
~Charles Swindoll

these are all brilliant quotes. i totally believe {because i have been living it personally lately} that life truly is 10% what happens to you (things are always going to pop up in your life, no matter how positive and joyful and loving you are) and the REAL key to it all is in your reaction to whatever it is that just popped up. it is only YOU who decides whether it is "good" or "bad", it is only YOU who can make it miserable or tolerable or even something you look back on and find the most meaning in, it is only YOU who is in control of you.

trust me, when you are faced with something you think of as bad, take that thing and look at it from a different angle -kind of like you would if you were doing a sudoku or maybe crossword/word puzzle- and choose to react differently. the outcome will also be completely different because of that reaction.

think about it ... the times in our lives that caused us the most strife or heartache or pain have been the times in our lives that we have grown the most from. the beautiful, wonderful, glorious times are ones that make our hearts sing at the time, but we move quickly from them, right? well, try this: take the time to bask more in the beauty AND take the time to find the nuggets of gold in the murky times. life is amazing ... ride the wave :)


i had a fabulous time in the land of enchantment. my heart sings there, and i took the time to FEEL it in my bones. as human beings, feeling is what we do best. open your life lungs and breathe it all in, baby! i have some lovely pictures to share with you in the next entry.

have a wonderful evening.