Aug 13th. this month is flying by~

i live through my heart & that alone is an entire blog post, but for now, i am so grateful for these little things in my life right NOW...

*my hunky hot hubster is laying next to me. it feels comfortable, easy, harmonic & like love. 2 more weeks of him working away during the week, we have both learned so much. mostly, that we don't like being apart ;)

*my bubbies are lying in the twin beds in Bub's room, sleeping together because Pea's curtain rod fell off the wall. i love hearing their little whispery voices, it reminds me of when my brother Billy & i used to sleep together and whisper into the night about everything under the sun.

*and lastly, for delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cake that is to die for and a steamy hot rich cup of coffee made by my man.

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