what happened on the 11th that should have been on the 12th....

11. eleven. 11. such a magical number ~ i love it!

so today, my real estate guru came at 1pm. AND, i had her scheduled for tomorrow at one. surprise, surprise! but she was here today, all excited and ready to go & thankfully Mimi helped me pick up around here yesterday, so it was fine. it was actually probably perfect - i mean, why else would it have happened like that?

so, we meet again in a few days & go over everything and sign a contract with her if we wanna go ahead with this whole thing. and i do. i really feel so out of here already. it's TIME.

i'm excited. i'm scared. i'm nervous. i'm ready for what's next.

Pea, however, actually physically teared up while she was here, looking over the house. little nut. it's everything she's always known. i understand how she feels. my whole married life is here, my children, their babyhoods, their growing-ups, their lives happened here too.

but today? today, i am grateful for surprises and for this wonderful home, and for new beginnings...

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