what really matters

a wake up call comes
in disguise
and with that
comes feelings flooding in
knowing & reflecting
and then looking at things
from a totally different perspective
a paradigm shift
and then after everything clears
and you can take a breath again
everything becomes so
crystal clear
what really matters



i don't know
what does it mean
i feel like it is
because the way we perceive it
is fragile
like we need to hold on
and the moving of it
scares us
i want to embrace it
love it
with my whole heart
because love
is my magic wand
pulling it into me
becoming one
then letting it slip thru
the swirling light flutters
rippling outward
and then whooshing back inward
my heart
and finally
i understand
i woud not change
a single moment
of this magicalness
wrapped up
in the bubble
of time


ciao, summer.

There are no good-byes,
where ever you'll be,
you'll be in my heart.
~Mahatma Gandhi

the bubbies headed back to school today. they looked so adorable this morning, all dressed & ready & eating their Lucky Charms, sleep in their eyes. shy in the car as i dropped them off, and my son~always the loving one~kisses me goodbye as i tell them to have a fantabulous first day. driving away, my heart lurched a little, thinking of the quote above...

then later, all excited when they arrived home again, all disheveled, laces undone, hair flying everywhere, talking a mile a minute about their days. the dog jumping all over them & me getting a snack & putting their backpacks away...

the return of chaos sounds so good after a day of silence.

and these are the moments i treasure about being a mom ♥