remaining true.

i am unsure
of what comes next
i feel more
inside of my heart
than i have in a long, long time
but now
things around me
are changing
people fading from my life
and that's okay
i know it is
i feel fine with that
i know everyone is on their own paths
its just confusing right now
when everything seems
not what i thought it was
but i will
remain true
to me


miracles happen.

ask yourself this every morning, and start keeping track of the beautiful things your life brings you.


restless & reaching.

my mind is overflowing with info
im not even sure what to do with it all
i have been extremely intuitive lately
my dreams and thoughts manifest quickly
in this reality lately
where am i going?
where is this taking me?
where to go from here?
i have always thought outside the box
but now its getting ridiculous
what is real and what is not
is this a game i still want to play?
i want to change it
i want to be change
i will, i see, i am
i'm restless & reaching
wondering what will fit
what i can do
who i can be