he calls me early, leaves me a message in a gravely, sleepy early-morning voice.

i was hoping to hear your voice this morning. he says, and pauses as if i could still pick up the phone. then a sigh followed by i love you. and he hangs up.

he's worried. nervous. away at lake cushman, he can't see my eyes, feel me.

later, at lunchtime, we talk. we both feel the connection, the trust and it's a release between us that is palpable.

you forget that you're not the only one who feels the other, elizabeth. he says, in that tone he has, the one where he is strong within himself and sure of us. the one i love. i sit in the closet, on the blue exercise ball and smile. i feel the moment, let it seep in: our lifelong love.

twenty-five years with you, babe. i know you.

and that, is my moment of gratitude today ♥

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