candles of love.

i believe that each of us is a candle shining brightly ♡ we are all love ♡ when our flames touch ♡ we can light another & another & another...

share your love ♥ can you think of a more precious amazing beautiful gift?


i love trees.

i see them from my bedroom window, awaken to a beautiful sea of green each morning. the boughs have formed a heart-shape

the vines reach upward to the sky. they tell me things like trust, freedom, you can reach for more

these 2 trees, side by side, are love. their branches reach out and wrap around each other. they teach me lessons of unconditional love, of faith, of growing together in harmony

trees know how to flow with the weather, they bend with the wind, they don't fight against anything. they teach me patience, and flow. they teach me so much. i love you, sweet trees



i am swooning in admiration for those who are open, writing from the soul & baring their hearts for all to see.

i want this. i want to be able to share with you all in that way. maybe that's not even true. maybe what i really want is to do this for myself. maybe i want to write for me.

starting from what point, i wonder. where do i begin?

maybe with sharing some things about me - whatever pops into my head, and see where that takes me.....

{blink blink blink goes the curser ... waiting, patiently}

:: i've always loved writing. as a kid i was way more open and imaginative than i am now. ack-i need to change that limiting belief: i am just as open and imaginative now, or more :)

:: my dog is annoying me right now for some reason. she digs in the garbage & i get mad at her, and it's this circle game we play. i like that she loves me no matter what i do, and i think that lesson she gives me every day is a huge one. and i am grateful for seeing it right now.

:: the other night, while my husband was working out, he was sitting on his workout bench, and i stood before him and looked into his soulful beautiful brown eyes, and ran my hands down his outstretched gorgeous arms. i breathed him in, and he pulled me closer and breathed in too. we do this often, it recharges us somehow.

:: thinking about that, and the way we were both present in the moment together makes me fill with love. for everything. i think that is what life is really all about, those moments.

:: those are the moments i want to capture somehow, to write about, to share. i want to find prose for the beauty and the pain and the inbetween of life as we live it. i believe in sharing our stories because it connects us from that invisible string, deep in our bellies, to each other. even though we are all unique and our stories are different, there is this underlying wave of emotion that finds something in this bare truth telling to be a glue that holds us together. it sparks our own baring of the soul, and it sparks a remembering so deep.



my story is mystery.

my story is mystery~~intertwined. Letting go of any need to control it, little by little... this feels so good, freeing and wrapped in trust, able to flow on the playful wave of the unknown. This used to feel scary to me, now it is becoming the new natural. i love this.

tomorrow I begin a 10 day cleanse, i'm excited for it. Ready. i know it is going to bring up so much inside of me, and I am hoping to be able to share it here. i am hoping that the flood gates i open up inside will be transferable to this page. i vow to at least try … for you and for me, a sort of recorded reflection of my inner and outer changes & discoveries. I feel so light & airy. So open. the journey of delving inside has been so beautiful for me these past few years, and i am so grateful for where i am and for who i am becoming.

Somehow intertwined with everything, one. A beautiful mystery unfolding before my eyes.