He texts me. I answer. Then he calls me, "I wanted to hear your voice," he says simply. This means he is gauging my mood. Or sometimes it means he misses me. The connection between us is alive. Electric. Energy swirling between his body, his vessel, and mine. We didn't create this, it is bigger than we are. It is it's own entity :: love. It is the one thing in this life I can always and forever count on. When we are together, we hug heart to heart and the conduit is opened between us. The flow pours through me to him, and back again. We know how to fill each other up without really knowing at all. When we are apart, we imagine. I close my eyes and my imagination soars. I trust it now, it doesn't often fail me. My visions are my truth.

My life has become swirly and magical. I want to share it with the world.

One love~