{sixteen has always been my favorite number}

today my son & i went to the store. he asked me if i believed in dreams. i told him that i do & he said i believe that dreams come true too, mom. and he told me about a dream before we went to the lake where he dreampt he was a whale. and then we got to spectacle lake & he was in the lake and felt exactly like he did in the dream as a whale and he stayed in the water extra long.

i love these conversations with Bub, he is so cute and always asks me the coolest questions. he asks if i liked being a kid and why, what was my favorite thing about it. he asks if i thought my imagination could think up things that could happen in real life. he asks what i think is the most important thing in life.

in this particular conversation, we talked for a while about our dreams and then i told him that i dreampt of him and here he is. {which is true, i did dream of a dark-haired, brown-eyed baby boy many times when i was pregnant with him, and even before he was conceived} and he answered, when i was in your tummy, i dreampt of having a wonderful family, and look at me now! beaming up at me, beautiful brown chocolate pie eyes gleaming.

look at me now.

{i am SO lucky & so so so appreciative of my life & moments like this.}

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