gratitude fills my heart

day 24.

today, i have no words, no words for how grateful i am to have these 2 people in my life...

my pop, a genius, and yet just a man...i love that i have known him all my life and have seen all sides of him. he is an amazingly diverse person, so much fun to talk to & hear how his mind works. he is the most open and generous person you could ever meet. my pop "gets it" he always has - even if he tries to pretend sometimes that he doesn't. he is brilliant at everything he tries and i am so blessed to have his blood flowing thru mine.

and my beautiful-in-every-way (step)mom, whom we all love indescribably ... she is such a tiny person, but her heart is humongous. she is always smiling, she is hilarious, generous, open, loving, understanding ~ just so much fun and she & my father make the perfect pair. i am so glad they have each other.

and i am beyond grateful to have them both. i love you, pop & jodee!

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