It's Time :: All of Us

The other day, because my 2 older girls are each going through things that are challenging right now, I invited them over.  I had my other daughter there too. So Rosie, Mimi & Muffy were all here and before I even got them from the ferry, I spread love from my heart all around my house.  On the way to pick them up, I set my intentions to flow love, and be clear, and that everything would go beautifully, for the highest good of all.  When they got here, I gave them all moleskine journals and told them to write - to write how they want to be; how they see themselves in 6 months.  As they did, I baked cookies and told them stories of my visions.  Of how I see us all by the sea, in a magical place - All of Us - doing something that helps to elevate the planet, all of us giving from our unique selves.  Then I did tarot readings for them all.  My readings are a mixture of the cards, my intuition, my flow of love, and I try to connect them to their inner power.  I share my visions of how I see them, which is perfect and beautiful, and omg, shining so incredibly brightly that its almost insane.  I told them that part of the reason we are all stagnant & some of us feeling icky is because we have been putting off Our Stories.  And that I want to step into My Life again, and have It be a story worth telling.  I want it to be epic.  I want to FEEL life and I see them doing the same thing.  I shared some beautiful stories I had recently read and had them share some of their visions for their own stories.  
I feel a big change coming for us all.❤️💜💗