falling forever.

How do you look back upon 25 years? How do you tell the story of a life that began with two people, kids really, barely out of teenage years, who joined together because of a force that is stronger than the both of them? How do you get anyone else to feel the innocence and magic of the beginning and the deep richness that was born from that. The pain, the fiery arguments, the looks in each other's eyes, the love. The tearing down and the building up.

The ebb and flow of the day in and day out of a life the two of us built together. We created life, gave birth together, held each other in the deepest grief. We separated and came together again. And here we stand, still holding hands. Knowing that each other is our witness, our rock, our recharging battery. I read once that we can grow so much in life being able to be fully ourselves, witnessed by another human being, and loved anyway. No matter what. That in that breeds some kind of safe feeling, a place to fall and still be held. Being a part of a love that lasts forever, beyond time, is a gift. I hold it in my hands gently. He is my best friend, my lover, my partner, my mate. But really, there are no words for what he is to me. There is no way to convey the story of this life we have lived together. All i can really say is that I am so, so grateful...

In my dreams, he is always there. He is the one I go to sleep with and wake up next to. His kisses are like breathing. And his eyes, the ones that felt like home when I first looked into them still pierce my soul. I fall into them, and I know that nothing will ever change that.

He and I ... it's not perfect. It's not without pain. But the constant is us. And we will continue falling in love forever.

**happy 25th, baby. I love you**