Aug 2 - sunshine.

i am grateful today from the heart...

for my man & i and our texts back & forth about how we know we are soul mates & thanking each other for both the good times and the bad times, for everything we've given each other has led to growth, expansion, more love. i am not only grateful for this man, i am lucky.

for the delicious breaky my son & hub made us all this morning of delectable spinach-bacon-white american omelettes and belgian waffles made by my son's newest imaginary friend Tritan.

and for our scrumptious evening meal of bbq tri-tip, falling apart & savory with fresh green beans, multi-grain french loaf, a big salad with walnuts & craisins and champagne vinaigrette and wine.

for my little girl & how she loves her dog, even giving her a pair of 3D glasses to wear to watch Coraline with :)

and finally, for the glorious sunshine that has been pouring down upon us lately. it is warm & cheerful and i love it!

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