fourteen days of feeling good

appreciation, appreciation, appreciation...

i hear it whispered in my ear in a voice that is familiar & full of energy, the energy that life is made of. swirling in my head before i even wake up. my body feels electric on the inside, very alive. i love feeling this strong wave of appreciation flow through me, in & out as it pleases, i am just the vessel. open to all is wellness.


i won $5.00 on a scratch ticket today - Bub & Pea love to do them (even though they're not supposed to push the buttons on the machine, lol - but they are magic & they always win). then Bub opened his box of Gushers & we won another $5.00 on a Discover gift card! w00t! so much fun.

so then we all went to dinner at the little Mexican joint down the street. margaritas were the perfect topper to this day. afterward, my hun & i sat out on our patio talking animatedly about everything in our hearts. our life? is really, really nice.

thank you :)

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