August. 31 days of gratitude.

i LOVE my life. i have been feeling my way thru tangled weeds & beautiful gardens and have decided that i love both. they both teach me something. they both make me grow. there is no bad or good, there only is LIFE.

this month, a month that has been in my dreams & visions for a while now, is finally here. AUGUST. bright, big A the letters are in red. they are neon & shiney & full of action & love. they are calling me. i am listening...

every day, i will write about what i am grateful for. i will melt into August & become one with ME.


today, i am grateful for the glorious sunshine, the summertime giddiness, the many shades of green the sun & shadows paint onto the trees outside my window.

i am grateful for my son's imagination - how he now has an identical twin brother named Titan to visits us often. the only difference between Bub & Titan is that Titan wears some rockin sunglasses. hahaha, this makes me giggle.

i am grateful for my husband, home for a few days, working on building skateboards for our daughter's boyfriends. his presence here is beautiful to me, i am in love...still.

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