here's what i know: it's the simple things that are the most beautiful, the most profound.

lately, i am overcome with passion and appreciation for this man. i love his presence in my life. i love our profound intimate connection. the moments when we connect on a multitude of levels; simple yet deep.



i need you to talk to me, he says.

i know, i reply.

he looks at me, waiting. and when i meet his gaze, his eyes pull me in. searching. he sees things i do not say, that i can not say.

why do you feel the need to pull away from me? he asks, my hands covered by his. his thumbs move over the back of my hand and the tops of my fingers, caressing. there's always stuff going on, Elizabeth. work, the kids, family. the cars, the house, money. but nothing to me is more important than you. talk to me.

and when i can speak, my words flood out, and he holds me where our hearts beat together, rhythmic. it's so hard not to talk, it takes more effort to stay separate now than ever, to be upset. we've crossed some line somewhere, and it's blurry where each of us begins and ends. intertwined. entangled. words aren't even needed a lot of the time. we talk, and we kiss. and he waits until we both feel the shift; the release and the relief. okay again.

i love you, my wife. he tells me as i leave the room, squeezing my bottom like he always does.

i love you, my man. i orbit around you like the sun. i smile at him. it feels light, good. pure. i am so grateful.

this is the one thing i count on; you and me. he says.

love. it's where i live. how beautiful is that?