shine your light.

Inspire is my word today. I love that word, it feels so good. To inspire is to be inspired. I see so many people around me opening up and making big changes in their lives. It is amazing how people are coming into their truth, as if it can no longer be contained. It is fantastically inspiring.

I know for me, I am feeling very clear. I feel like a cup overflowing with feeling, and I know that is what I am here to share. Let it spill out of all of you, your truth and wisdom and love. It's all one, just as we are all one. Ride the wave, the water beneath us always supports us. It's that simple, don't fight the natural flow of your life, hook into it.

I feel like NOW is the time to make some bold choices in our lives, to feel your way, to get clear inside. Love yourself. And then make choices that really matter. That are authentic, that speak to your heart. Think big, see the big picture, it is no longer time for small choices. In 10 years, where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Be brave, surrender to who you are, step forward.

We are all in this together, making choices in our lives that affect the others around us. Let's hold hands and take the leap together.

love ... it really is the answer. that i know for sure.


  1. i love this! opening up to all of it!

  2. This post is inspiring! Think big. I like it.