the two of us.

I look over at him and touch his muscled arm. He is perfection in his thin grey cotton sweater and faded jeans.

Are you tired? I ask him. I don't even know why, but his eyes meet mine, and I just know.

No. He answers. And then he yawns and smiles at me. Maybe.

I look over at him and flood with feeling. And I wonder when it was that I became so attached.


There are seeds we plant inside of us. Hope seeds, Love seeds, Joy seeds. Today, I will get my hands dirty and I will plant some seeds.


I look back and try to recall when it was that we made the switch. The Big Change. How we got to this place of bliss we live in now. It wasn't always like this.

We have always loved each other fiercely. We have always had a very passionate relationship. He came to me when I was clear inside that I didn't need a man in my life. Then, like magic, he was there and not only was he there, but it was insanely synchronistic and he was this crazy impossible compilation of the most perfect aspects of everyone I had ever loved up to that point. It all just fell together so quickly, so perfectly. No one could plan something like that. And the most amazing part of it all was that he felt exactly the same way.

It was as though our love never really had a beginning--it just was. But I believe that's because our love has never had an ending.

But this lifetime, this love we've both chosen to have, we are raw and open, passionate and secure in some unknown force that binds us. But if we pull within or close up, we fight and the fiery side takes over. We feel each other so much that we ebb and flow with each other's moods, sometimes getting tangled in it, and it feels as if we may sink. But, then The Big Change happened, and we have learned to flow together, and stay floating. To be completely open the way we were when we first met. To trust and allow and be and let be what it was meant to be. Free, authentic, blissful. Love.


  1. Whatever brought about that Big Change, may the Change always stay. It takes a determined willingness to stay open, even when the storms of emotions hit.

    May you both always be open. If you close, may you find a way to open and flow together again.

  2. I loved reading this. And believe entirely about your love never having had an ending..


  3. ahhh! tears and warmth all at once ~ I love all if it, all of you!