my journey~it is always taking place.

This morning during my blissful meditation, I was wanting to know what it is I am supposed to be doing and my inner voice said to me "take my hand, we will go on a journey today." That felt so wonderful, so peaceful and calming. And we took a walk through all kinds of beautiful gardens, wildflower fields, beaches. My heart filled up with the simple glory of our world. And then we travel to even more fanciful places that held unicorns and crystal buildings, and succulent fruit trees and vegetable gardens, and colorful flowering trees with faeries all over them like bees. The Universe is mine to see. Mine to play with, mine to interact with as I please. What an enchanting gift.

That gift is all of ours, it is our magic. We paint the picture with our imaginations before it ever shows up on this screen we are living in now. It's so sweet to see things this way. Today that has really become so clear, that everything is a droplet of golden light: perfection. I take everything as it comes to me knowing that it is supposed to be exactly this way, and then it is easy to merrily interact with it. Everything is good :) It really is. That thought just makes the smile never want to leave my face; I'm walking around with a permaplastered gleeful grin!

And so, I keep hearing from my inner self and guides and angels to stay looking within. The answers are not without, as I have been reaching for {in desperation}. I am just feeling so close to knowing, to popping out with my dream, that I am wanting to leap on that. I am looking everywhere for it. But softly, lovingly, with amusement, they wait. And when I am calm, the love fills me, and I know. I know that everything is okay, it's just what it's supposed to be right now. No need to push for anything, because everything that IS happening IS part of my dream. I am a mother, a friend, a wife, a lover, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, a guide. I am doing it all just as I am, I am affecting more than I even know just by being authentic and real and sharing that from my depths, from my soul. I am letting my heart guide me, and when I try to take over with want, it clogs up. "Unclog, sweetheart," I hear. Take my hand and see the journey today, it is yours. And it is a very, very beautiful thing.

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  1. I woke up yesterday morning mid conversation with you about this, about all the answers already being within us.

    We are born with all the answers already inside of us.