i want to be filled with passion. bowled over by inspirations. i want to give, share, love, laugh, soar...
lately, cooking & baking totally inspire me. don't these sound good?

i want to make snickerdoodles & fudge.

i want to make cheddar biscuits and big buttery shrimp.

i want to make homemade ice cream, creamy and fresh topped with hot fudge.

i want to make salmon with wild rice and asparagus drizzled with hollendaise and warm crusty bread & melted butter.

i want to make triple-layered peppermint bark: white, chocolate, white with crunchy candies on top.

i want to make the perfect creme brulee & crack it open with a pretty tea spoon.

i want to make homemade soups & fresh baked bread; and chicken cordon bleu with garlic masheds; and homemade macaroni & cheese with savory meatball subs; and the perfect delectable chocolate fudge cake with buttercream fudgey frosting...

being in the kitchen makes me happy :)
what's inspiring you lately?

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