growing wings.

things feel very clear all of a sudden. i am highly in tune. synchs are strong:
kauai trees circle water sun moon stars. love laughter heart connections. change growth wings magical intuition authenticity. dreams flow connection creativity music words uplifting art. harmony co-creation sharing giving. appreciation compassion forgiveness unity knowing understanding.



i listen to myself, i know what i feel. it's clear. the clarity rings in everything i do touch taste feel. I FEEL. i listen to that space in my belly. it rings out in purity and light when i don't cloud it over with the fog of thought. when i stay in this little moment of what is.

i know all is well. do you know what peace that brings? its trust in yourself, in your life, its a harmony with everything. calm, clear; no need to be upset. 3rd eye openopenopen. spending time living. enjoying people; noticing, turning, tweaking.

being with my brilliant beautiful girls, watching them carve out their own space. blossoming, becoming. finding their footing, reaching for more. youthful, ripe. they know so much, they feel their lives, they walk their talk. i bask in their light.

being with my gorgeous growing little ones. two beings that are my gift, my link to an angel daughter. the two of them connected to her in a mystical way; i was shown them holding hands on cotton candy pink-vanilla clouds through hazy dreams. Isabel, my link to love and what is illusion and what is real. a gift only she could bring. the four of us connected in an arc of rainbow colors. all three of them showing me so much about life i never saw before, my trio. i used to wish it could be different, but know i know with such clarity that it could not be any other way.

i am so grateful. So Grateful. appreciation floods my veins and pumps through my heart illuminating it in bliss.

the stars fill the sky. the full moon sings through the branches of the trees. under quilts and sparkling blue lights, i wrap myself into the smooth hard warmth of my man, giving myself completely to the rapture we have created. together. all one.

life. anew.
❤ ~


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  1. ah! open open open heart. stepping in to Love Now - so perfectly perfect.