centering in my heart.

i am open
and feeling
reaching inward
flowing outward
from heartspace
in love

this is my year of BEcoming. and i feel like i truly am centering in my heart where it matters. where the change begins. inside. and with me. then everything around me begins to shift too. it's really magical the life we live if you really open your eyes to it all, and FEEL. it's all about the feelings, baby. and love is my magic wand.

i have asked for more friends who understand and live this way too and i got it. i love all of these amazing brilliant bright lights in my life now. i feel totally supported and nourished and as though they give to me as i am giving to them. it's a very thriving expansive way to live!

i have been evaluating the things and people in my life because that sort of happens naturally when you start opening your heart and your eyes to everything around you. for a while now, i have been learning, taking this vision of life in, fully and completely. but now, this year, there has been a definite shift. i don't just talk about it anymore, i am really here, really present, really living it. walking the walk. and the main thing i am doing is staying open. not just talking about wanting to - putting it off somewhere in some imaginary future - but actually doing it. and i feel the connection in my solar plexus in a literal physical way. it is like a zing, the feeling of being on a roller coaster, the feeling of falling in love. it's real, it is Who I Am.

do you know how freeing that is to say? living in my truth. sharing who i really am, the authentic me, the one i was born to be. and i'm excited for what's next.


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  2. This is beautiful
    You're following your IB (Inner Bethie)and that is just pure magick!

    I had typos and removed them from the first comment lol.

  3. you are so perfectly perfect my love

    and this "if you really open your eyes to it all, and FEEL" - YES!!!

    I found this today:
    "It doesn't matter what we have accomplished, what recognition we have received, what we own, there is nothing as sweet as loving--not necessarily being loved--but just loving. The more we love--the more people, the more manifestations of life we love--the richer we are. Nothing is more beautiful or more sacred than the impulse of love we feel for a friend, a child, a parent, a partner. Nothing would be sweeter than to be able to love everywhere and always." - Kabir

    so fitting for where we are!

  4. pina, i ♥ my inner bethie :)

    K~ that Kabir quote made me tear up with joy, so, so beautiful!