each moment a gift.

our stories test our strength~inner and outer. what is my story? i am ready to live it! i am open to receiving it and letting go of the resistance. to move through the fear. to take not the easy path, but the one that makes you walk through the fire to get to the other side. and to deeply feel everything along the way. each moment a gift. i want to have courage, to do something that scares me every day. to push my own limits and bring positivity and love to those around me. i want to embrace the magic, the glittery stardust that surrounds me. i know i am lucky, i am blessed, and i believe. i believe.

life itself can be scary because we can not control it. we only have power in our choices. in what we do, what we say, how we act. we can quiet our minds of the useless, negative chatter and replace it with thoughts that resonate with our souls. that make our hearts leap. what we think and feel matters.

but life itself swirls in its own way, bringing positive and negative turns that we seldom see coming. things will always keep happening around us and to us, it's movement; the movement of life here on earth. it's freeing to accept that, to put down our swords and the words we curse against it. to let it be what it is and trust.

what really matters is what is within. is it a steady calm stream inside? or is it a raging river, winding and turning? churning up rocks and sediment creating an even harder path, or maybe even ending up in quick sand? when we let go and surrender, there is power in that. a quiet power, and we feel the waves subside. we feel the ease of movement, we hear our heart beat and feel our breath. we are steadied by a deep inner peace, a trust so full of knowing that there is no question. All Is Well is whispered within our soul and pumped through our veins.

the blizzard may still be going on around us, outside the tornado blows. but within we see the beauty of the storm, and we are able to see the eye in the center that shines so brightly pointing toward something even more amazing than we have ever seen before.

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