every day in every way it's getting better & better...

love sent out

to the people of Haiti


my girlfriend said today "It's an interesting line when something like this happens. I can see the broader perspective of All is Well, and I know that it is. But I also feel compassion, deep, deep compassion for the people suffering in Haiti. I mean, yes, it's great to have a perspective of All is Well. Of course it is, but I don't ever want to lose my sense of compassion for others in times like these, for without compassion I could not send the amount of love and light that I have been sending."

i so agree. compassion is our glue, our connection. and what i really love is seeing all the people all over the world coming together in this. the love and compassion that is flowing is heartwarming, lifegiving. it's amazing what beauty and light that is bringing to everything. if we we are one, we feel each other's pain. and they can feel the love we send them too, i truly believe in that with my whole heart. and of course there's action: doing & giving whatever you can. this is all planting seeds for the future of all of us.

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