flowing & swirling

lately i have been painting & drawing a lot of swirls. and feeling the beautiful pulling in and flying back out of the circles. i'm not sure what it means, but it feels good. it makes me dizzy & giddy and flowy.

the word ACTION is big for me lately. i am feeling those bubbles in my belly that are calling me to DO.
what is stirring in me today? i ask myself as i write out the words in my journal.
act on your inspiration
. i letter out underneath it.
and then the thought your actions are planting seeds ... they will grow pops out of my pen and doodles of leaves and hearts and flowers and bees and butterflies fill the page.
this is how i journal now, it is very flowy, very colorful, full of depth and texture. sometimes my words get lost in the colors or the swirls. but it feels more creative, more real, more ME than any of the bitching that i used to put into my journals. see? everything outward mirrors what is inward. truly. it seems to happen over night, like magic. it feels free & childlike & very exhiliratingly creative and rich.

my heart is full.

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