life just IS, miracles just ARE.

spent a long weekend with girlfriends--soul sisters--that i met on the internet. its funny, when you become bonded thru the heart, it truly does not matter where or how you meet & connect. and seeing each other in the physical, is just the frosting.

i so love my life!

so much magic is flowing thru it right now. because its like everything just IS. there's no need to control it or try to make things happen. its really so simple. all you really need to do is let go. how funny does that sound? insane kinda, huh? but that's the trick to miracles happening. trusting that everything is going to happen perfectly no matter what. and then just riding the wave. there's no need to strong arm your life when all you really need to do is be like a child again and imagine, love, play, be silly, feel excitement, live in the moment. ahhh.

my children are my greatest teachers. i am forever grateful for those lil stinkers. and for the man who helped in their creation. our family has such amazing energy, i just love it. we drink it in like water. i breathe in their beauty & playfulness. their laughter intoxicates me. thank you.

the sunshine is radiating warmth and brightness again today. i love that great golden orb in the sky. i am going to go down to the beach when the bubbies get home and we'll splash in the water and collect rocks to paint as the sun sets. i'm feeling so free & beautiful lately. so peaceful.

breathe in, breathe out. fill your lungs with magic and miracles. they are there. in between the things we have conditioned ourselves to see and focus on. see the synchronicities that flash before your eyes all the time. FEEL them. they are connecting you to greatness. connecting you to the perfection of your life.

love ♥

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