i stand here

i stand here on this cliff looking back upon my life.
i see so clearly points of light, little dots connecting one by one by one.
how beautiful they look, twinkling back at me, saying: look...see...feel.
and in this moment, i know. I KNOW. i know i will create an amazing and magical life for myself.  know i will be surrounded by love and joy. i know everything is perfection around me. i know all is well so deep down within my soul, my being, my heart that it is all i can see and feel and radiate. life is glorious. i am so blessed to be here right now, in this time on earth, going through all of these changes. i am so grateful to be awake in this dreamland. 
i am so sure about it all in this moment. it is so clear. the birds chirp happily outside, the flowers blow in the breeze and give off their floral scent mixtures, the sun shines and the clouds float lazily by, the windchimes play a soft melodic tune. how can this not be heaven?
and when i look back at all of those little shining stars that mark times in my life that lead me here, right here to this place of perfection, and how synchronistic they are, how perfectly they link--how can i not be sure that its all going exactly, precisely the way its supposed to? 
let go of the worry, the fear, the control. let go. 

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