long weekend.

my man is gone again. we had a really nice 4 day weekend together tho...

Fridays are love & bliss being back in each others arms, mixed with those little knowing sparky looks when we catch eyes. We drove together to the Island & i did some shopping while he did some work after sharing a slice of pizza at a little outdoor table.
Saturday was chill, nothing planned which is just how i like it and he & Bub shot their bows at their target in the backyard, father and son bonding time. Harry Potter number 3 and popcorn as a family later.
Father's Day started out with eggs benedict and gifts, and really, how can you go wrong after that? There was a little tension over the flippin-flappin ipod updating, but that always happens. itunes & the ipod always drives us a little bonkers. what is honestly the coolest thing is that we can get pissed at stuff like that and even at each other, but it doesn't affect US. seriously, this makes me so damn happy, i could spit.
Yesterday, we headed over to Seattle to see daughter #2 Mimi to give haircuts to Bub&Pea. Then to dinner afterward at Ivar's where Rosie was working--so much fun. the kids were dying to feed the seagulls all of their french fries. when we got home, i situated the 2 dinners i made for him to take to the cabin today to feed him & his partner because they are too tired to even think about cooking after working a 12 hour day, and he got all the rest of his stuff together. i guess this will be our routine now for a few months. i know there will be times when we will join him at the jobsite too, but for now, this is our life. he kisses me goodbye on Tuesday mornings and holds me. he tells me he loves me, and i tell him i love him too. then he says i know, if we weren't this strong in our love, i would never be able to leave. i understand exactly what he means. we are in such a good place right now, and this being apart thing is obviously something we are supposed to be doing right now. it's all about letting go and allowing what is. there's magic there, when you don't expect anything or force anything or think it to death. when you feel the love in the moment and let that moment float until you hold each other again.

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