life. it contains everything.

Totally feeling ... FEELING ... everything lately. LIFE. living. aliveness. love. passion.

Being alive, being human. feeling it all. Reveling in the FULL spectrum... it's all so simple ~ it's like the thing we are trying to achieve spiritually is already built right in to the life process, in being human. the joy, the pain, the tears, the laughter.

It's balance, harmony in everything: Love AND Fear - they can live as one. When my adrenaline kicks in, and I am super scared, THAT is when everything is aligned completely - mind, body, spirit: working as one, naturally. We do it naturally! And the knowing - the TRUST - that everything is going just exactly as it should, is the safety net. It makes it totally okay to feel everything and anything. Sex love passion joy anger fear :: we came with these feelings & emotions for a reason, we came to live them fully.

Who I Am - what *I* love, it's all me, my choices, unique & perfect - and yet, entangled with all that is. The 2 become 1.

It's fucking GOOD to be alive & FEEL everything! And to allow everyone else to live their life the way they want to. I feel super tapped in, childlike, playful. Open to everything, seeing it all as a playground.

Beauty in everything. EVERYthing. Inexplicable pure glorious beauty. Alive in our bodies, the perfect energy conductor, i love it so much. We are creating through them, feeling everything completely - I am taking chances, giving love, fighting for things I believe in, being as fully ME as I possibly can be, making choices - good ones, bad ones & it's all OKAY. It's ALL good: darklight inout malefemale : Home.

simple. grace. live.

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