a day for an angel.

also known as: family love day ♥

driving together in the car to an unknown destination.

walking, sharing, talking, laughing, eating delicious food together.

my heart is full, the day feels surreal; time stopping, no sound. i let it fill me.

seven in the car together
remembering the eighth
a day of love, coming together
a chorus of voices:
let it be, let it be
speaking words of wisdom, let it be...
the harmony fills my soul
this is us now
we easily share stories
about what it would be like
if she were here with us:
her favorite color (changed now)
how she'd be as a big sister, and a little sister
and a daughter - growing up
we speak her name
breathe life into it with love
at the park together, we forgo the usual balloons
and hold hands
in the wind, we feel her in our hair
in the sun, crisp January sun, she warms our skin
in the laughter and the song, we hear her voice:
ours ... one.
always. love.



  1. *tears* Beautiful words.

    I love that you call it Family Love Day. I may have to steal that one.

  2. oh these are the best days of all!

  3. Toye... you have the best way to describe how we all feel.. I am so glad our paths have passed.

    Love you