is your heart on fire?

we are not here to play it safe ~ we are here to start FIRES

Spilling over; everything right now is spilling over. I am letting in whatever comes to me, and that is such a serene way to live. I am blessed and grateful and just plain FULL. The people and books and music and things that are seeping into my life are just exactly perfect. I am trying to see that as its happening, in its here and now. I am trying to let go of expectation, control, need or want (it was kinda hard for me to write those last 2 for some reason, hmm), and just live in what is, this moment, this space, this big fat pulsating question mark. I hold it in my arms, but it is big, and so instead, I breathe it in. Deeply into my heart, and *bam* that spark begins to glow in there, the one I am feeling so often now, so clearly. Can you feel it? It's my heart talking to yours. Open, free. Wild as hell. Childlike wonder mixed with aged wisdom; balance of the paradoxes inside of me.

This? This is the year where love wins. Watch and see. It's spilling over onto everything, seeping in our pores, begging to drip out. We didn't come here to push out the mind or forgo the body and only live in the heart. We came with all of them aligned and in tune, we simply need to remember it. We didn't come here to be calm and meditate, we came to fucking live, baby. Live out loud. Shine our lights, who we are. And give that authenticity to the world. Sharing what is truly inside of us IS living. Relationships are key here in this earth school. Our hearts beat in tune. One. Can you hear it?

2011 = synchronicity. It's all about the yin & yang. The push & pull. The marriage of things you'd never imagine could swim together in harmony, but when you mix them, you see that they make a pattern of beauty unlike any you've ever seen.

that pattern is love.