friendship, part deux: authenticity.

i've come to a whole new place regarding friendship. i love how bumps like this don't have to become mountains anymore. that when i stay centered in myself and in my knowing, the only thing that can come out of it is good.

my girlfriend and i had the most open and honest talk the day after i wrote this. it felt amazing and i felt so scared and vulnerable at the same moments that i felt powerful and proud of myself. i felt alive! and so did she. and when you stay in that place of truth, you can still be emotional and say what you feel, but it isn't about bashing anyone, it is simply about finding the core of the problem and speaking from the heart about it to each other. i love this friend for hanging in there and wanting authenticity AND our friendship as much as i did.

my heart overflows for interactions like this in my life. thank you!

and doing things like this, sharing from the heart in pure honesty without needing to blame anyone or anything else for where *I* am in my life, is amazing. it opens up more avenues for authenticity. it's like a snowball effect. unconditional love for yourself and for others, mixed with this genuine unconditional trust in the Universe, knowing that everything is happening exactly the way it's supposed to for you and your life is the way i want to be. the way i want to live. because it feels SO good, there are no words.

and from this interaction, others were birthed. being able to hold a space of clarity in my interactions last week while making some pretty big decisions felt great. i can come from this place of harmony for others AND truly honor myself.

we are all imperfect. and the whole point is to understand that, embrace it even, and love each other ... anyway. maybe not needing to repair a broken friendship that no longer fits or to be involved in a group that no longer feels like it's expansive in your life, but being able to unconditionally love the individuals anyway - allowing them to be, do, have what they want, while staying true to what you really want too.

ahhh. this feels so good.

SO grateful for everything that happened and changed last week, and ready to see what's in store this week :)

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