synchronicity. magic. mandorla. kairos.

I am doing my best lately to keep up with the magic and the cray, lol.  It sounds funny (it IS funny), but it is just ALL overlapping so much these days.  Which I love.

So my dear heart friend Flo called me yesterday and I was busy looking into the seriously mind bending, huge, grayblue eyes of a two-month-old baby.  Literally getting lost in them, and seeing the Universe swish and sway.  So I didn't answer.  I had a feeling -- like I always do -- that she would call that day too.  I love that she did.  The crazy connection we have is not really 3dimensional, so it's cool that the confirmation of that just keeps coming.  Anyway -  I knew I would call her back today, and that it would be perfect, so I did.  The first thing she says when she picks up the phone is "There you are." and giggles.  It's adorable, truly.  So I reply, "Here I am!  There you are!" and we laugh.  It breaks the ice, brings us down into the 3D where we really don't live, at least most of our relationship we don't.  We met online, on a very crazy magical website, where so many outrageous things happened and so many relationships bloomed, that it just could not (was not) a fluke.  Or coincidence.  Not that I believe in coincidence anyway, but that's a whole other topic.

She starts off slowly and a little timidly, saying gently to take what it is that I want to, to feel into what resonates with me, but that she has something to share.  I am immediately excited, so I say "Yay! Go for it", and she starts with "Oprah has this book club, and she just made a new book choice…" and I immediately cut in with "Oh my god, I LOVE Glennon! I have followed her for a while, I'm already half-way done with the book!" and she is laughing saying "Oh, my GOD." and we fly into the book and how amazing it is, how opening and full of truth, and she says "YES! I was reading it and all day kept thinking 'Call Beth!' because it reminded me of YOU.  How YOU write, and your message of authenticity and how much real life good juicy stuff you have to share, and your family, your kids, your long marriage … just ALL OF IT." and I am laughing and saying thank you, and genuinely, genuinely feeling it, because I so admire Glennon and her unique style of I'm sharing my real self with you all, like a girlfriend would, I love her writing so much that I had already signed up for a writing class that she and Brene Brown are giving next week.  I mean, see??  See the magic and the synchronicity and the fine line that connects it all?  Everything.  By some golden gossamer string.  Connected.

So here we are right now, an hour post that call, and I am grateful.  To be seen for my gifts, my writing, my heart, my knowing.. That I have something to SHARE with the world that is real and heartfelt and true.  And it gives me encouragement and so I begin.  The hundred somethings (#100Somethings) begins NOW.  I write daily for one hundred days.  Whether they get published or not, I'm not sure … but today … The Adventure Begins :)

LOVE. <3 nbsp="" p="">

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