mishmash. and 100Somethings.

Autumn ... it's definitely turned here. we are in fullon Fall mode.  cool wetter weather.  sweatshirts and sweaters.  i even made pumpkin muffins this weekend 😄

We had a nice long Labor Day weekend, albeit fairly uneventful.  Duncan did manage to manifest himself $$ on Sunday so he can pay for his classes that are college-level & AP exams, which was cool (a gift from his grampa).  Then, talking to Elsa about it, we mentioned that we should maybe fly to DE and do Thanksgiving there ... a random fun talk with the kids and i mentioned it later to C while we were out having cocktails & appies together and really nice minidate, and i get home to a note from my sweet stepmom saying "How do you feel about coming here for turkey day?" lmao.  She wrote almost exactly at the same time the kids & i were talking about it! *lepoof*  Magic is out in full force. {As usual, in more ways than one...}

So, on my way home from said date with Husband, above, I passed up going to Trader Joes and instead followed my heart, which brought me in front of the salty sea at the bottom of our hill, which had The Most Impressive glorious sunrays shining out of the clouds. I snapped some photos and just sat in the radiance for a while.  I noticed that above me (& consequently in some photos) was a Seagull. just hanging out and shining in the sun. So beautiful.

Later, at home with the fam again, I posted a pic on fb and even later still, when C&I were up in bed chillin, a friend wrote to me from fb and shared a deep secret of Love.  Because she saw the heavenly sunburst photo. Honored to be her (& his) witness, and to share in the New Love.  Partly because I had connected with her in the past sharing stuff I felt from her Beloved who passed into NP.  I truly love it when I connect with NP, and am able to bring that to people.  I love the pure freeflowing Magic that streams from that!

And I really love the crazy amazingness that flows from the simplicity of following my heart...


Love family genealogy - C&I were talking about it yesterday. I have been really FEELING the importance of family history, the genetic history that gets passed down in our chromosomes.  How its all a spiral, and how some stories are begging to be healed and closed. Stop the circular motion and create fresh, new, healing lives.

That's BIG. It may not make much sense, but i feel it!!  My gramma's have been encouraging me from NP. Grampa's too. Love them. Listening. Thank you.


oh, here's something else - feeling pulled to being open & taking a few more risks.  Sept always brings up a space in me :: What Now?  Like a time of new beginnings. a new year. Maybe coinciding with school starting, or my birthday ... whatever. It's there, lol. I acknowledge it.  So I decided that I will be leaning IN more. saying yes. taking a few risks. opening more to opportunities.

So... A friend who I don't see often asked if C&I wanted to join her and a handful of her friends {a table of 8}on Sept 18th for a special dinner in Poulsbo, given by a local coffee shop, helping homeless kids who will be the chefs for this dinner (sponsored by the Silverdale Chamber of commerce). I normally would shy away - not knowing the people attending, in a new place, unsure about the food, etc etc etc that my crazy mind can think about, lol. the fear side, right? so I instead just said "YES. Thank you so much for thinking of us" (who knows why she even did! I guess I shall Trust the Universe!) she bought the tickets which were $50/ea OR reserve a whole table of 8 for $400. She said she wanted to do something to honor her father who recently passed in May, who always supported the Youth in our town, and this sounded like the thing to do, that he would like, in lieu of a funeral, which she says he would hate, lol.

so, there ya go. a long stories today ... but NP and Magic and the Universe at work, and I am thinking that this dinner the night before my birthday just might be the perfect heartopening, mystical beginning to my next trip around the Sun.

I am also beginning a 100Somethings project {saw it on Bentinho's page by some girl}  And so, am trying to think of something to do that's unique & meaningful to me for 100 days that will make leading into 2017 the Best Yet.  I journaled about it this morning & am SURE it has something to do with LOVE (duh. my theme) but not sure what/how exactly ... letting it come to me so i can begin soon!! wanna do it too?


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