It is early morning and I awaken as I roll over. I love to sleep in on weekends in our big bed, it is so soft and warm and comforting. The fans blow softly around me and the rhythm of my man's breathing calms me and sends me back into a dream-filled sleep…

I am youthful and petite in the way that young women are, wearing a flowy pink slip of a sundress and white flip flops. Freckles spatter across my face from the sunshine. I’m in a field of wildflowers and when the wind blows, the warm sweet scent of them flows through my long blond hair. I look behind me just before he, young and virile with full wavy hair, grabs my waist and pulls me toward him. We laugh. My stomach flutters with the excitement of new love and I turn and reach up and look into his eyes. He smiles at me with a look that makes me want to know him. He draws me in and talks to me through the sparkles in his eyes and nothing more. I can’t resist, so I lick my lips as I look straight at his and kiss him. He loves that I am the one who kissed him first, I can tell by the way he looks at me and the way his body feels against mine. In that moment we are both so alive with the feeling of love for each other and even more, the knowledge that the intensity of that love is returned. We fall down into the soft grass and wildflowers and kiss some more. The wind blows.

The air from the fan slides across the quilt and I roll over and start to float away from my dream and instinctively reach for him as the orange sun peers through the blinds. The covers fall away and the air from the fan sweeps across our bodies. He moves. I look at his face with my sleep-filled eyes and there are wrinkles where there used to be none, but when he opens his soft brown eyes, the look he gives me is still the same. His solid warm body feels the same against my soft one. He puts his hand through my hair and kisses me.

Do you smell wildflwers?” he asks sleepily.

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