the line.

Your life has very little to do with what occupies
most people's "day-to-day" experience.
The purpose of your life is to express and experiencewho you are.
That is, to know yourself as an aspectof the Divine.
There are a thousand ways to do that every day.
Look for the most exciting way for you to do it today.
What do you think it might be?
-Neal Donald Walsh

so here's my thing. lately, i have been thinking about how i seem to be surrounded by people who would not get who i am becoming, who i know i am, what i am learning - or really, what i am re-learning because i have always known these things i am feeling now, but have been taught to not feel them or be them because they do not follow society's rules.

so now, here i am. i am straddling this line, i have come to a place where i need to choose. inside and out, with everyone i see ... do i fully become the me i am meant to be?

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