freedom is just another word
for nothing left to lose.

this is a the carving that my hub is doing right now. isn't it beautiful? i call it 'twin flames'. he's so talented. i love what he can do with his hands.


i am feeling so free lately. and i know its because i am becoming more one with who i really am. and not caring what anyone else thinks about that is basically having nothing left to lose, and the union between my heart and who i am--turning off the left talky part of my brain, is making me feel true freedom.

i want to put my true vibration out there for this new blog. i want everyone who reads it to feel it. because i believe that words are merely to keep the mind happy, and true communication is unspoken. i feel that we are all moving toward breaking the illusion of this life. of everything we have always been taught to believe and know. but really, it's all simply a reflection of what's inside.

break out of the box. look around you, and feel your inner power. there are other possiblities. there's more than the five senses. it's really very exciting when you let yourself understand it and feel it. take my hand and let's take the leap together.

love ♥

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