i heart new mexico.

i really, really do.
this is the 'rent's house from their back portal *sigh*
check out the amazing New Mexican skies...

we went for my leetle seestor's bridal shower.
there's the little cutiepatootie in her sassy boots and wrap dress.
my sweet 2nd cousin Judee hosted it at her beyond gorgeous casa.

and here is Judee, me, my auntie Peggy, sis, mom & sis-in-law Christy

more NM sky *swoon*

here, folks, is The Best Place To Eat Anywhere Anytime No Matter What, Period.
just sayin.

i'm a little embarassed by the amount of photos i took of the food.
and the margaritas.
and the sopapillas. honestly, if you've never had a new mexican sopapilla, i feel sad for you.
you truly have not yet lived.

this place is the only place on earth where you can be guaranteed to get green chili on anything.
i call this heaven.

the sunsets are pretty awe-inspiring as well.

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  1. I have to go here. Just sayin, Universe. <3