jello time.

it's so intriguing to me how time moves. i think about writing here often, but then i look and it's been a month between posts. i just keep waffling about how i want to write here, how much of myself to lay on the line.

i had a birthday yesterday, it was divine. beginning with a big homemade by my man & offspring with love brunch of eggs benedict, oven roasted pototoes, mini cinnamon rolls, fruit, creamy cafe au lait, and mimosas. the big girls & their respective beaus were all here, so there were ten of us. i love that we've gone from "party of seven" to "party of ten". i love the number 10. it is my initials, after all.

we had an amazing day and then drove to Tacoma to see my brother & sister-in-law, whose birthday is the same day as mine, for their baby boy's first birthday party. Boen is the cutest thing. i dreampt of him before he was born, more than once. he is quiet, but we link eyes & there is a knowing from somewhere beyond this time & space.

today feels slower somehow, like my body is catching up to what is. i'm in jello time, i feel swoony and a little tired. and very blissful. i love my life. this year is going to be amazing.


  1. Happy birthday...may your days throughout the year to come be filled with many happy times like the day recorded in your photos.

  2. Jello Time....I feel myself melting into your post of bliss. Happy Belated and I love the way you celebrate.