my story is mystery.

my story is mystery~~intertwined. Letting go of any need to control it, little by little... this feels so good, freeing and wrapped in trust, able to flow on the playful wave of the unknown. This used to feel scary to me, now it is becoming the new natural. i love this.

tomorrow I begin a 10 day cleanse, i'm excited for it. Ready. i know it is going to bring up so much inside of me, and I am hoping to be able to share it here. i am hoping that the flood gates i open up inside will be transferable to this page. i vow to at least try … for you and for me, a sort of recorded reflection of my inner and outer changes & discoveries. I feel so light & airy. So open. the journey of delving inside has been so beautiful for me these past few years, and i am so grateful for where i am and for who i am becoming.

Somehow intertwined with everything, one. A beautiful mystery unfolding before my eyes.

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