my heart is crying out. i feel like my senses are all on hyper mode. i think i am walking myself to another cliff edge, ready to make this big leap into my life. like really, really delving into what my life purpose is. i want to be living my dharma, what i can GIVE to the world. i want to delve into amazing crevasses of creativity and love, i want to spread these things like seeds and watch them grow. i have been content in learning and in my inner growth, but now, that seems to be no longer enough. i want so badly to know what it is that *I* am here for, what *I* can do in my unique authentic way to bring more love, joy, harmony, creativity, passion, excitement & action into my life & the lives of others. tears stream down my face, i am so ready.
i am so ready
i am so ready
i am

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